The MUDA board is a durable solid grey graphic board made out of 100% post consumer wastepaper designed to serve a variety of purpose in a variety of industries, such as the publishing, stationery, furniture and electronic semiconductor industries. MUDA board’s smooth, flat and finish ensures excellent and durable products which results in rolls or large sheet form and may also be cut to size.


  • Hardbound and book covers
  • Pre school activities book
  • Dairies
  • Educational Books
  • Album
  • Gifts box
  • Display stands
  • Lever Arch Files


technical help

                                       MUDA Board Available rage & size

        Substance          Thickness (mm)   Grade Size
        600 gsm              1.0 mm   70X100cm
        800 gsm              1.33 mm   70X100cm
        900 gsm              1.5 mm   70X100cm
       1200 gsm              2.0 mm   70X100cm
       1350 gsm              2.25 mm   70X100cm
       1500 gsm              2.5 mm   70X100cm
      1800 gsm             3.0 mm   70X100cm
      2000 gsm             3.30 mm   70X100cm
      2100 gsm              3.5 mm   70X100cm


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