Marsh Mallow is made using pulp form FSC Certified sources. It is super fine smooth paper suitable for high-end printing. Super smooth and fine surfaces never seen before, a new innovative is the utmost printing technology with elegant appearance is the utmost advantage. Printing can use Marsh Mallow with total and perfect freedom.

Marsh Mallow is high brightness paper means high printing effect. Virgin snow like Marshmallow’s brightness extremely raises printing effect. High Smoothness provokes high class feeling. Marsh Mallow’s fine smoothness is full high class feeling. Its glassy soft touch is Marshmallow’s another sales point. Marsh Mallow holds its dignity and style. As everyone recognize, its remarkable character surpasses ordinary wood free sheet. Marshmallow has excellent stiffness and because of its stiffness, strength and flexibility, Marshmallow’s reliability is very high. 



  • For books, catalogs and brochures
  • Prestigious corporate communication
  • Multi cards, name cards, price tags and commodity tags
  • Post cards and Envelopes
  • Invitation and Christmas Cards
  • Desk Calendars or Wall Calendars
  • Household printing on Ink-jet and Laser printing machines.
  • School Children can print their own print needs


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                                 Available range & size

Format/cm 63.6 X 93.9 63.6 X 93.9 63.6 X 93.9 63.6 X 93.9 63.6 X 93.9 63.6 X 93.9 63.6 X 93.9
g/m2 81.4gsm 104.7gsm 157gsm 186.1gsm 209.3gsm 232.8gsm 261.6gsm
Packing/sheet 200 200 100 100 100 100 100


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