It is a heavy calendered paper, which is manufactured from high refined pulp. It isavailable in bleached, unbleached or colored (black and brown) quality and made of 100% virgin fiber. Glassine papers are characterized through high transparency (besides colored and opaque qualities) and smoothness, high density and very thin thickness. It is a natural grease resistance through refining and calendaring, which is neutral in taste and has excellent printability,recyclable,compostable.


  • Used as interleaving sheets in the album production, as packaging for sweets and exclusive packaging
  • Used for baking sheets and forms and packaging


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                                              Available range & size

Format/cm 70X100 70X100 70X100
g/m2  40gsm 50gsm 60gsm
Packing/sheets 250 250 250
Kristall Glassine Natur
KristallPrago Linen  
KristallPrago Silkworm  




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