Cosmo Films


In its endeavor in harnessing technology, Cosmo developed & commercialized Bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film based Synthetic Paper. Excellent printability & whiteness coupled with non-tearability& weather proofness are its uniqueness. Repeatedly handled product viz. children’s books, maps, certificates, hotel menu cards, business cards are obvious choice for synthetic paper. Multiple productions during the product’s life cycle are avoided &there by reducing consumption of energy, cost & resources. Being polymeric in nature, this can be recycled. As it is petroleum based, CSP saves flora & fauna thus protects the environment.


  • Pressure sensitive labeling
  • Wrap around labels
  • Packaging of sweet boxes and other decorative boxes
  • Cigarette boxes


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                                                Available range & size

g/m2 130CSP 175CSP 250CSP
Synthetic Paper M
Synthetic Paper P  


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